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Dean Leischner has recently become a Commercial Real Estate Agent, which is a natural progression from his 13 years as a Real Estate Investor, 9 years as an owner of Soul Investments. Dean wrapped up his career at Westjet as the Manager of IT Flight Operations in 2012 and since changing careers, he hasn’t looked back. It is Dean’s primary goal to ensure that his clients and investors walk into their purchase feeling comfortable and secure, knowing they were served with their best interest in mind and treated fairly. This is what he calls a success. He is passionate about Commercial Real Estate and loves creating deals, and helping people, both personally and professionally. The thing he enjoys most about Real Estate would unanimously be the ‘art of the deal’, as he calls it. Dean has two children, 13 and 14, and has been married to his lovely wife for almost 20 years. When he’s not creating Real Estate deals, he can be found decompressing in the mountains. His surplus of super charged energy helps him achieve success in all his endeavours, whether it’s scaling a mountain or closing that deal. At the end of the day, family and faith come first for Dean, and most of all he values relationships. He believes that careers and money come and go, but relationships last and are worth the investment. If you need a Commercial Realtor on your side that will scale any mountain, so to speak, with focus and resolve, then contact Dean Leischner today 587-899-3535.

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