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I began my career as a real estate professional in Red Deer and area in 1989. I have worked through and have experienced a variety of different transactions and market conditions since that time, yet there are always changes and new challenges. One of the highlights of my career was being involved in the sale of the housing on CFB Penhold, now known as Springbrook. The satisfaction I get from being a “Key” part of one of the most important decisions individuals or families will ever make never gets old. And the desire to ensure that everything is done right and to my client’s satisfaction will never get old as well. Real estate is a business where the words honesty, trust, and integrity are promised often. These traits are important and should be expected from someone that is handling one of your most important and valuable assets. My clients and the many family and friends they have referred to me over the years have come to expect these traits, and as a result I continue to do my best to deliver and exceed my clients expectations each and every time.

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