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Family Day Weekend in Alberta!

Its been a long month and a half since Christmas but we finally have a long weekend! And the weather couldn’t be better to get out and enjoy some winter family fun time. There is so much to do in this beautiful province we are blessed to call home. Check out the Government of Alberta website to see all the FREE activities they are offering from the Oil Sands in Fort McMurray to Frank Slide in the Crowsnest Pass…get out there and take an adventure!

Check out the website here http://alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=37697BE1F91DD-0797-C6EB-5EB1A49332306B4A

Jill Reynolds ~ Business Development Manager

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Do I Really Need A Realtor?

Do I really need a Realtor® to sell my house?

Many of you who have ever sold a home have asked the question of do I really need to hire a Realtor? You are not the only one who has thought that and considered putting it up on Kijiji and just doing it themselves. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t and when things go sideways it can be a very costly mistake. After all, the purchase of property can be the biggest financial transaction you will ever make!

Did you know that Realtors® carry special liability insurance to protect them against errors and omissions. One tiny mistake or omission could land you in court costing you thousands of dollars. The commission you pay a Realtor® may very well be less than a court case.

A purchase contract is lengthy and can be complicated to you. A Realtor® is there to help you navigate through the complex legal documents so you can worry about the “fun” stuff like finding a moving company and transferring your utilities.

Part of hiring an experienced Realtor® mean you can stay out of the sometimes uncomfortable negotiation process. Your Realtor® can remove themselves from the emotional aspect of selling your home sweet home, which is hard for most people to do.

Realtors® are there to help you think of the things that you didn’t even consider. If you were to sell your home yourself would you make sure your buyers were pre-approved before you brought them into your home and before they gave you an offer and got your hopes up? Did you get an adequate deposit if the buyer decides to walk away, after you had turned down 2 other offers waiting for them to get their financing? There are so many little things you need to know when selling your home. Meet with a Realtor® and have a conversation about what they can do for you, the value adds up!

By Jill Reynolds

Business Development Manager – Coldwell Banker

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Mortgage News

Many times in the mortgage industry we hear our clients say “we are waiting on interest rates to drop before we buy”. While this can be a good strategy that can pay off there may be other variables to consider before deciding to wait.

In today’s markets we have some very low and attractive rates, however CMHC recently announced that as of June 1, 2015 they will be increasing their mortgage loan insurance premiums by about 15%. With this change in place if rates were to drop an improbable .10% over the next couple months you would actually save yourself nothing over a 5 year term. In fact when considering the increase in CMHC premium, waiting could potentially cost you an additional $57.62 over a 5 year term. With the knowledge that CMHC premiums are going up we know that waiting for the chance for rates to drop even as much as .10% will actually cost you money instead of saving you money. Granted $57.00 isn’t a lot of money but this example demonstrates that waiting may not always give you what you are looking for.

Most of our clients want the best deal when they are shopping for their mortgage but as demonstrated previously the best rate doesn’t always equal the best deal. There are many variables to consider. We are mortgage experts and keep on top of the ever changing market. If you are thinking of buying a home and not sure if you should be waiting or not come see us. We can help go over all the costs and options to get you the most out of your money!

Jessica Bartolf ~ Mortgage Alliance Advance Mortgage

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Mortgage News

Recently Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation conducted a consumer survey. The survey showed an increase in the use of Mortgage Brokers across Canada. The percentage of home buyers using a Mortgage Broker increased to 42%. The Survey also indicated that 50% of Canadians are not aware of the many options and features available to them at the time of renewal.

Banks will often mail clients a renewal notice indicating the rates they can get and asking the client to select their choice and return the form so it can be processed. These notices are not necessarily giving clients the best rates available to them and offer no guidance. Unfortunately this means if the client does not contact their bank directly to negotiate the terms they may be paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest.

When dealing with us we work hard to get all of our clients the best of the best available to them. Mortgage Brokers have access to a vast marketplace which enables us to do the shopping around so our clients don’t have to. We have no fee for doing this. So if you can get better service, better rates as well as more guidance and advice why wouldn’t you choose to work with a Mortgage Broker?

*CMHC Consumer survey can be viewed at this link


Jessica Bartolf

Mortgage Alliance Advance Mortgage

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The Stats Are In For August

August Single Family Home Sales for Central Alberta

Red Deer, Alberta’s sales have dipped from August 2014 with …
114 units selling during August 2015.
This is down slightly from the 136 units sold August 2014.

Home sales in Central Alberta totaled 321 units sold Aug/15, down from 374
units sold During August 2014.

August had 638 new residential listings, up 13% from August 2014
The total number of listings in Central Alberta for August 2015 was 2057 units

New listing in Red Deer for August 2015 were 188 compared to 182 in 2014.
The total number of listings in Red Deer for Aug/15 was 254, this almost a 10%
increase from August 2014’s 244 units.

Sales volumes from Central Alberta for August 2015 totals 108.3 million
compaired to 129.9 million from November 2013.

Highest number of units sold during August 2015 was between $300K-$350K
with 71 units sold and $250K-$300K with 52 units sold and 47 units sold
between $350K-400K

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Red Deer – The Land of Opportunity!

If you have driven around Red Deer lately you will know that it is buzzing with new industrial development.
East of Gasoline Alley is the Energy Business Park which is approx 43 acres and has 19 lots for sale. Easy access to Highway 2 makes it a great location for retail, RV & Car dealers or Hotels.

The McKenzie Industrial Park is just south east of the Westerner Grounds and the Centrium. It is nearing completion and offers units ranging from 2320 sq ft to 9136 sq ft for lease or sale.

Queens Business Park is located at the corner of the QE2 and 11A intersection. Phase 1 is almost 103 acres, limited light industrial lots remain, however five acres of commercial lots are still available. Phase 2 covers 95 acres of industrial land and 4.75 acres of commercial land.

If you are looking at a great location for your business, Red Deer is one of the most prosperous regions in all of North America! It is conveniently located between Edmonton and Calgary which is the second most populated transportation corridor.

With residential home sales breaking records this summer combined with the commercial growth, Red Deer is the place to be!

Jill Reynolds – Business Development Manager

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I’ve Got That Giving Feeling

Every once in awhile that thought crosses your mind to do a good deed like pay for the car behind you in the Tim Hortons drive-thru or give someone a dollar in the mall parking lot when they ask you but are you really making a difference? I gave blood for the first time about 10 years ago. My husband wanted to know his blood type and so he thought he’d kill two birds with one stone and donate blood. He found out that he has a rare blood type and since then he has given blood regularly. The first time I gave blood I fainted after and it took me a long time to go back until one day I came to realized that feeling a little dizzy is nothing compared to what some people are going through. Now we make it a date, go give blood and then go out for supper. It takes 7 minutes in the chair every 52 days. No matter how busy you are in life I can’t think of one person that can’t spare 7 minutes. This isn’t a guilt trip, I don’t work for Canadian Blood Services nor do I have a illness that requires a blood transfusion but I know how important it can be. Coldwell Banker OnTrack Realty is challenging all real estate associates to sign up to donate. Lets see which office can out do the next by helping people, because that’s what we love to do!

Jill Reynolds – Business Development Manager

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Central Alberta Real Estate Stats

Great News, Central Alberta
Residential Sales have continued to remain somewhat strong!

Residential home sales in Central Alberta were at 505 units for the month of September 2014 which is 10 units lower than August 2014 and 53 units higher than September 2013

The year to date number of residential sales in Central Alberta is approximately 11% higher than 2013 first 9 months.

There were 2012 Active listings in Central Alberta in Septemer 2014 on MLS which is down by 2% from September 2013

Sales volume in Central Alberta reached $158.3 million which is up 17% from September 2013

The Average price of a single family home in Central Alberta is $319 886 which has increased compared to September 2013 at $292 500.

The average number of days on the market for all units in Central Alberta in September 2014 is 68 days compared to 83 days in September 2013

The sale price versus list price ratio for residential homes in Central Alberta has stayed consistent between 97% and 98 % in the last 3 years.

Jill Reynolds- Business Development Manager

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