Do I Really Need A Realtor?

Do I really need a Realtor® to sell my house?

Many of you who have ever sold a home have asked the question of do I really need to hire a Realtor? You are not the only one who has thought that and considered putting it up on Kijiji and just doing it themselves. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t and when things go sideways it can be a very costly mistake. After all, the purchase of property can be the biggest financial transaction you will ever make!

Did you know that Realtors® carry special liability insurance to protect them against errors and omissions. One tiny mistake or omission could land you in court costing you thousands of dollars. The commission you pay a Realtor® may very well be less than a court case.

A purchase contract is lengthy and can be complicated to you. A Realtor® is there to help you navigate through the complex legal documents so you can worry about the “fun” stuff like finding a moving company and transferring your utilities.

Part of hiring an experienced Realtor® mean you can stay out of the sometimes uncomfortable negotiation process. Your Realtor® can remove themselves from the emotional aspect of selling your home sweet home, which is hard for most people to do.

Realtors® are there to help you think of the things that you didn’t even consider. If you were to sell your home yourself would you make sure your buyers were pre-approved before you brought them into your home and before they gave you an offer and got your hopes up? Did you get an adequate deposit if the buyer decides to walk away, after you had turned down 2 other offers waiting for them to get their financing? There are so many little things you need to know when selling your home. Meet with a Realtor® and have a conversation about what they can do for you, the value adds up!

By Jill Reynolds

Business Development Manager – Coldwell Banker

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