The Stats Are In For August

August Single Family Home Sales for Central Alberta

Red Deer, Alberta’s sales have dipped from August 2014 with …
114 units selling during August 2015.
This is down slightly from the 136 units sold August 2014.

Home sales in Central Alberta totaled 321 units sold Aug/15, down from 374
units sold During August 2014.

August had 638 new residential listings, up 13% from August 2014
The total number of listings in Central Alberta for August 2015 was 2057 units

New listing in Red Deer for August 2015 were 188 compared to 182 in 2014.
The total number of listings in Red Deer for Aug/15 was 254, this almost a 10%
increase from August 2014’s 244 units.

Sales volumes from Central Alberta for August 2015 totals 108.3 million
compaired to 129.9 million from November 2013.

Highest number of units sold during August 2015 was between $300K-$350K
with 71 units sold and $250K-$300K with 52 units sold and 47 units sold
between $350K-400K

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