Why Dogs Make Home an Awesome (And Hilarious) Place to Be

Our furry friends are a big part of what makes home an awesome place to be.

We can all agree that home is where awesomeness happens. You’ve seen the amazing reactions of these grandparents-to-be upon finding out their daughter is expecting. You’ve seen this adorable baby fall asleep mid-bounce in his chair. You’ve seen our X-Men ad (did we mention we’re the official real estate sponsor of the summer’s most anticipated blockbuster)? Oh, and then there’s the baby who can’t stop laughing over paper being ripped.. we dare you to try to not laugh at that one.

But it’s not just humans (and the occasional mutant) that are responsible for all of home’s awesome moments… there’s our furry friends, too. All this guy wants is to head outside with his bone.. but as you’ll see, it’s not the easiest task. You’ll laugh, you’ll root for him, and then… you’ll celebrate. See for yourself why these hilarious dog moments are part of why #HomeIsAwesomeness.

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